Froyo captures 29% of Android devices

  • Froyo - which launched just four months ago - is already running on approximately 29% of all Android-based devices.

    Unsuprisingly, 2.1 remains the most popular iteration of the mobile operating system, with an impressive 41.7% share.

    However, as Aaron Gingrich of Android Police notes, at least 70% of Android devices are currently running 2.1 or 2.2.

    "[Yes], Android 1.5 and 1.6 still measure at a combined 29.5%. Obviously, any number above 0 isn't good, but as long as the rate is dropping, we'll take it."

    "[Still], fragmentation [appears to be] worse [for Apple's] iOS than Android. Given the continued [and accelerated] consolidation of Android, it's not surprising to see that iOS fragmentation is still substantially worse than that of Android."

    Meanwhile, Fortune's Seth Weintraub emphasized that the so-called "fragmentation" issue affected a significant number of operating systems - not just Android - in the crowded mobile marketplace.

    "[For example], most newer BlackBerry (RIM) devices won't run the new BlackBerry 6.0 OS that debuted with the BlackBerry Torch last month. 

    "[Also], the iPhone 3G was on store shelves just a few months ago and can only run a stripped down version of iOS 4. [And of course], Apple's first generation iPods and iPhones can't use the iOS 4.0 software."

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