ViewSonic details ViewPad specs

  • ViewSonic is slated to showcase its shiny ViewPad 7 at IFA 2010. But we at TG Daily have the specs, right here, right now. And they are looking pretty sweet, too.

    Indeed, the 7-inch, Froyo-powered tablet is expected to boast a capacitive multi-touch screen, full 3G/phone functionality and advanced multi-tasking capabilities.

    The ViewPad will also feature front and back-facing cameras, VGA/3MP resolutions, a full size SIM card slot, integrated Bluetooth connectivity and a G-sensor that reorients the screen depending on how the device is held.

    "3G phone functionality combined with dual cameras [allows] Android apps to use augmented reality or video calling on the move with the benefit of a 7-inch screen," explained ViewSonic spokesperson Derek Wright.

    "As such, the [tablet] is aimed at users who require the 'always on' connectivity they are used to from a mobile phone with a more agreeable screen size for longer term use."

    Additional specs include:

    • 600MHz ARM CPU.
    • 512MB of internal memory.
    • 800 x 480 (reoslution).
    • Full WiFi/3G capabilities.
    • Micro SD slot for up to 32GB of storage.
    • Instant messaging, text/mms.

    • VOIP and standard voice calls.
    • Assisted GPS.
    • Note taking software.
    • E-book reader support.

    While an exact MSRP has yet to be announced, the ViewPad isn't expected to exceed £350, or $538 USD. Not bad, although I do think it is a fairly high price point for a 600 MHz ARM CPU.

    Yes, Froyo is a lean operating system without bloat, but still, at that price, the ViewPad is certainly no iPad killer.  

    What do you think?

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