Bluetooth 4 spec reduces energy consumption by 90%

  • Bluetooth has approved a next-gen spec that will allow future wireless devices to operate for years on just a tiny, button-sized battery.

    According to Bluetooth SIG director Michael Foley, devices based on the new 4 spec are likely to consume nearly 90 percent less energy than current electronic items.

    "[This] will enable a host of new uses for wireless products in everything from sports and fitness to healthcare and home entertainment," Foley explained in a blog post.

    Some of the new devices envisioned by Foley include:

    • Advanced fitness monitors - Capable of recording activity levels, heart rate, weight.

    • Health sensors - Collect vital information such as pulse, temperature and blood glucose levels. Automatically sends the information to a mobile phone or PC, allowing doctors and other healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely.
Watches - Designed to control wireless headsets, mobile phones and other portable devices.

    The first Bluetooth low energy devices are slated to be released this Fall, with a virtual "flood" expected in 2011.