iPad Flash hack spotted in the wild

  • A talented hacker known as Comex has reportedly managed to circumvent Apple's unpopular iPad Flash ban.

    Comex - who created the iPad "Spirit" jailbreak - recently coded an iPad port of Adobe's Flash runtime for Android dubbed "Frash."

    The port, which runs on a compatibility layer, is apparently capable of "natively" rendering most Flash programs in the MobileSafari browser.

    Although Frash currently runs only on the iPad, support for other Apple mobile devices and iOS4 is planned for the near future.

    "Frash uses a multi-process model similar to Chrome on the desktop, so a crash in the Frash/Flash plugin doesn't take down the browser," a YouTube demo post explained.  

    "[However], video and keyboard input are [not yet] supported. The former will require major reverse engineering of the video decoding frameworks on the iPhone, but the latter should be reasonably easy to implement."

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