Is Apple's obstinance accelerating Android adoption?

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

Is Apple's heavy-handed Flash ban and insistence on maintaining a notoriously closed ecosystem helping to accelerate Android adoption?

Well, Google CEO Eric Schmidt seems to think so.

"We're trying to do something different than Apple and the good news is that Apple is making that very easy," Schmidt told the Telegraph.

"The difference between the Apple model and the Google [paradigm] is easy to understand - they're completely different. The Google model is completely open, [while] the Apple model is the inverse."

Schmidt emphasized that Android allowed software developers to modify "whatever [they want]" by adding "any kind of app," business model or hardware.

"We've talked about mobile for years and right now it's finally taking off...We like our strategy a lot because it's consistent with our values, which are the openness and the open platform and the web platform," he added.

It should be noted that Google continues to capture market share from Apple - with iOS 4 falling to 40% in May as Android continues its meteoric rise to 30%.

"A year ago, the iPhone owned almost 50% of the smartphone market by web traffic while Android had only 5%. [Now] Google says they are activating 160,000 Android devices a day and that number is [increasing] dramatically," explained Fortune's Seth Weintraub.

"[And there are] more Android devices are in the pipeline. HTC's popular Android phones on Verizon (Incredible) and Sprint (EVO) have also been selling out. Motorola also launches its next generation Droid x Smartphone on Verizon (VZ) next month. Even AT&T has a solid Android phone in the Aria, which is a bestseller."