Samsung releases first Galaxy tablet pic

  • Samsung has released an official picture of its upcoming, 7-inch Galaxy-class tablet. 

    The image - posted on the company's South African Twitter Feed - was accompanied by a separate Tweet that confirmed a high-res TFT screen and 3.5mm jack.

    According to Engadget, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab (previously known as the S-Pad) runs Android with Samsung's TouchWiz UI on top.

    "[The high-res display is also] supposed to be AMOLED if an earlier leak on the 'S-Pad' is to be believed," wrote Engadget's Paul Miller.

    "That S-Pad info also mentioned a Samsung Apps store, which would make sense because as far as we know Google isn't letting 'official' Android Market-equipped, Google-blessed tablets out of the gate just yet."

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