Aava debuts X86 SDK for Android developers

  • Aava Mobile has introduced a hardware-enhanced SDK targeted at Android developers writing apps for Morestown-powered tablets and smartphones.

    "The Virta Android is a fully functioning X86 smartphone that comes pre-loaded with a tailored Android SDK ported to Intel Atom processors," Aava explained in an official statement.

    "[We] created Virta Android to give application developers a real-world device for development and testing. [The device] is cross-compatible with all current Android SDK software and comes with a capacitive touch screen, accelerometer, GPS, haptic feedback and video/still camera."

    Virta Android also features a GSM/EDGE quad band and WCDMA triple-band (I, II V), modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as  antennae connectivity for complete platform and application testing. 

    The h-SDK is slated to ship in Q3 of 2010.

    However, a number of developers - including Ixonos and Teleca - have already deployed a beta version of Virta Android.