Intel says "thin is in"

  • Are you tired of lugging around a heavy laptop that offers sub-par performance and an all-too short battery life? 

    Well, Intel feels your (back) pain and is ready to help with a new line of 32nm Core processors designed to power the next-generation of ultra-thin laptops.

    "It is clear to me that sexy, ultra-thin designs are in. We also know people want a longer battery life, faster response time and more digital storage," explained Intel VP Mooly Eden.

    "That is why our new processors for ultra-thin laptop systems are more than 32 percent smaller and deliver more than 32 percent better performance, while reducing power consumption by more than 15 percent."

    According to Eden, "ultra-thin" Core processors that feature Intel Turbo Boost Technology will automatically accelerate performance by adjusting workloads and providing users with an "immediate" speed boost when needed.

    "[Our] hyper-threading technology - available in Core i7, i5 and i3 processors - reduces latency when performing several tasks simultaneously. [And] with Intel HD Graphics, the processors deliver crystal-clear visuals, smooth HD video and audio playback."

    Eden added that at least 40 Intel-powered, ultra-thin designs are slated to be unveiled by a number of industry heavyweights beginning in June, including systems from Acer, Asus, Lenovo and MSI.

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