Android gets two-way syncing of corporate Exchange contacts and calendars

  • Chicago (IL) - Android-based smartphones fall behind iPhone in terms of out-of-the-box support for corporate Exchange syncing. This drawback becomes a key obstacle preventing IT administrators from deploying Android devices as viable business tools in corporate environments. Luckily, a number of third-party developers were quick to fix this omission, and thanks to a new application named ContactsCalendarSync, Android users get automatic wireless, bi-directional Exchange syncing.

    Previously, we reported on a free Android application, dubbed ContactsSync and released by Wrike and Intermedia, which solved this glaring omission. The Android-based smartphones -- like T-Mobile's G1 -- have been unsuitable for business use. However, as is often the case, the lack of corporate Exchange syncing inspired third-party developers to build their own solution. And now, several third-party solutions are offered which enable IT administrators to sync corporate contacts with Android devices.

    Wrike's newest application, dubbed ContactsCalendarSync, elegantly solves corporate syncing issues. Since ContactsCalendarSync brings broader syncing capabilities than their previously ContactsSync program, the new app is provided for $24.95 --Wrike still provides ContactsSync free of charge here for those who only need to sync corporate contacts. IT managers may find $24.95 a small price to pay to be able to integrate Android devices into their Exchange-based corporate environments.

    To use, first download ContactsCalendarSync from the Android market and run it on your G1 smartphone. Choose Menu->Settings to provide your Exchange login credentials and other advanced settings if needed (domain name, user name, Exchange Web Services Address). When you have successfully setup Exchange account on the  phone, click the Synchronize button to start syncing Exchange contacts and appointments with your phone. Note: The program needs not sync your corporate email accounts since you can already access those by setting up IMAP-based corporate email account in Android's mail program.

    ContactsCalendarSync works only with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 when Exchange Web Services are enabled and accessible online. IT administrators can make syncing even easier by properly configuring the Autodiscover service and making it available via the Internet. This enables the application to automatically find all other Exchange-related settings once only your login credentials are provided.

    currently doesn't support Outlook syncing or Exchange 2003 servers -- due to the lack of support for Exchange Web Services, but developers noted they are working on work-around solution via WebDAV and similar services.

    Once you download ContactsCalendarSync from the Android Market, the application's icon will appear on your home screen.


    If your IT administrator has configured the
    Autodiscover service (Microsoft Exchange Server 2007) and made it available through the Internet, you will be able to setup ContactsCalendarSync by providing only your Exchange login credentials. If not, then an input screen allows everything to be setup manually.


    With Exchange account setup on your phone, simply tap the "Start syncing" button to start a wireless, automatic, bi-directional syncing of Exchange contacts and appointments with your G1 phone. Email doesn't have to automatically sync if using IMAP-based corporate email already.

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