Patent suit seeks $360 million from Apple for iPhone voicemail

  • New York (NY) - The latest iPhone lawsuit involves Klausney Technologies, a largely unknown tech firm that claims it owns a patent used in the device's visual voicemail.

    Klausner owns two patents related to a voicemail retrieval system using a visual interface.  According to the lawsuit, Apple's iPhone infringes on these two patents.  Klausner currently has similar lawsuits pending against Skype, Comcast, and Cablevision.

    The New York-based company is seeking $360 million in damages, making it one of the biggest lawsuits attacking the device.  Though it just launched this summer, the iPhone has already been at the center of several high-profile lawsuits, many of which are linked to patent infringement claims.

    Klausner is also seeking $300 million each from Skype, Comcast, and Cablevision.  AOL has paid the company licensing fees for access to the patents for its online voicemail service.  Vonage does the same for its Voicemail Plus technology.