Sidekick LX kicks down T-Mobile's doors

  • New York (NY) - One of the longest-running cell phone name franchises, the Sidekick is back with its latest model as a successor to the Sidekick 3.

    The LX is now available in T-Mobile stores across the country, officially becoming the most feature-packed Sidekick to date.

    It sports a 3-inch WQVA screen with a high-def LCD display.  According to T-Mobile it is also the slimmest Sidekick yet.  It packs in the regular features of its predecessors, of course, including push e-mail, full instant messaging access, and a mobile Internet browser.

    Though it is still behind the iPhone's PC-like browser, the LX application includes new features for the T-Mobile franchise like Java support and the ability to copy text.  Another one of the new features is a one-stop screen to check the latest messages across e-mail, IMs, and text messages.  Access to stored music is now also more seamless thanks to an always-on music button.

    The ergonomics are nearly identical, with a flip-open style and full Qwerty keyboard.  There's nothing new with regard to button layout.

    The new phone will cost new subscribers around $300 after activation and a $50 mail-in rebate.

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