First SD flash memory card with integrated Wi-Fi coming

  • Chicago (IL) – Eye-Fi has received FCC approval for its wireless SD flash memory card, which will allow users to upload images from a digital camera to a PC without a cable connection.


    The FCC database had a surprise for us on what we have to admit was an otherwise rather slow news day. Eye-Fi is apparently gearing up to release its wireless 2 GB SD memory card which integrates Wi-Fi 802.11b/g capability.

    According to the manual posted on the FCC website, the card has to be installed on a PC though a SD-USB-adapter which comes with the card. After this process has been completed, the card can be inserted in a digital camera, from where users can upload images to a PC without removing the card or connecting the camera to a PC via a cable.

    The device will work with Windows PC and MaC OS systems.

    There was no information on how much the device will cost or when it will be released. But it surely looks like the Eye-Fi card is just about ready to hit the market.