Dell unveils new flagship notebook with PhysX card

  • New York (NY) – Dell has introduced a new gaming notebook and claims the XPS M1730 is the first that includes Ageia's mobile PhysX card.


    If you have at least $3000 to spend on a new performance notebook, there's now one more option available. Dell's new M1730 expands the company's consumer notebook family on the high-end.

    The system is currently available in one standard configuration that does not permit and configuration options. Include din the base price are a Core 2 Duo T7700 CPU, 2 GB of memory, two GeForce Go 8700M GT graphics processors, Ageia's 100MTM physics processor, 2 GB system memory, a 200 GB hard drive, a LCD game panel and an 8x DVD burner.

    Dell said that it will be offering upgrade options such as Intel's Extreme Edition Core 2 Duo X7900 processor (2.8GHz) with support for overclocking to 3.2GHz (Bin+2), 4 GB of memory, solid state disks, as well as a Blu-ray drive and a mobile broadband (HSDPA, EVDO) modems.

    Dell did not say when these options will become available.