Sprint brings back Katana phone with two new models

  • Overland Park (KS) - Sanyo has introduced the next generation to its Katana multimedia phone, offered exclusively with Sprint service.

    The Katana DLX phone joins the Katana II phone as the successors to the original model that came out just over a year ago.  The Katana II is the basic successor to the Katana, offering much of the same functionality.

    The Katana II does increase the internal capacity, with 21 MB of data storage possible.  It has a VGA digital camera and access to all of Sprint's Vision network features.

    The Katana DLX is a much bigger upgrade to the original phone, bringing in all of Sprint's more advanced multimedia features.  It has full access to Sprint's Power Vision service, which includes features like video-on-demand programming, satellite radio, and over-the-air music downloading.

    The DLX also has a built-in 1.3 MP digital camera and has a shinier selection of colors than the first Katana.  Additionally, it incorporates a microSD card reader that accepts cards of up to 4 GB.

    The Katana II carries a price of $50 after a two year service agreement and $50 mail-in rebate.  The DLX's final price is $130 after the same conditions.

    Both phones are available from Sprint retail locations today.