iPhone service plans to start at $60/month

  • Cupertino (CA) - In addition to the $600 needed to purchase the phone, users will need to sign up for a service plan of at least $60 per month.

    The iPhone, scheduled to launch this Friday, June 29, will be available exclusively through AT&T's mobile service (previously known as Cingular).  According to Reuters, three different plans will be available, with the least expensive one to ring in at a monthly charge of around $60.

    This plan will give users 450 anywhere minutes per month.  An $80 service will include 900 minutes, and $100 per month will be good for 1350 minutes.

    All plans will include unlimited data transfer, 200 text messages a month, visual voicemail, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling.  Users will also be able to roll over unused minutes from month to month.

    Each of these plans is available only through a two year service agreement.  Users will also need to pay a one-time $36 activation fee, bringing the first month cost of the iPhone to $596 for the 4 GB model and $696 for the 8 GB one, based on the $60 monthly fee.