iPhone pre-sale on Ebay tops $1500

  • Chicago (IL) – Apple will start selling its iPhone in 23 days through AT&T stores nationwide. If you plan on purchasing a phone on the first day and don’t want to stand in line, you can turn to Ebay and buy the phone there. But expect a hefty premium to be attached.

    iPhone pre-sales are in full swing at Ebay, with 33 auctions active at the time of this writing. According to the terms of Ebay, these first phones will be delivered within 30 days of auction end, with all auctions claiming that the devices will be shipped out on the day of their first availability, June 29.

    The preferred iPhone, appears to be the more expensive of the two versions - an 8 GB model that will retail for $600. Most pre-sale auctions currently list the phones for considerably more than the suggested retail price, with some phones topping the $1000 and one phone apparently having sold for a suspiciously high $1525.


     It is unclear whether these phones are actually being sold at this time, with some auctions listing bidders with little or no bidding histories.

    However, there appears to be plenty of supply of iPhones: On auctioneer is claiming that he will receive a lot of 55 iPhones on the 29th.

    Apple said that it aims to sell about ten million iPhones within the first twelve months after launch. Market analyst firms, including Merrill Lynch, however doubt that Apple will be able to sell that many phones and recently put the sales expectation closer to four million units.