Nokia adds two more "multimedia computer" phones

  • White Plains (NY) - Nokia has launched its two latest phones, the N75 and N76, sporting many of the same features seen in its other top-selling multimedia phones.

    Both phones have a clamshell design, looking most like the N92 and N93 phones before it.  They have no internal storage but have microSD card slots, currently offering up to 2 GB of external space.  The two also contain Nokia's Series 60 Symbian operating system.

    Both include a two megapixel digital camera and can play some of the most advanced Java mobile games, like Lumines.  Additionally, the N76 has a built-in FM tuner.

    Nokia, which owns about 40% of the convergence phone market share in the world, says it hopes the new phones will expand its presence in the US market.  However, the N75 and N76 don't really bring anything new to the plate.  The feature list is almost identical to other handsets in the N series.

    The N75 carries a list price of around $430, with the N76 priced $70 higher.  Those are the prices without a service contract.  Both phones are available from Nokia's website as well as retailers nationwide.