Apple iPhone sells for $800... on eBay

  • Decatur (GA) - An eBay auction for a brand spanking new Apple iPhone has just ended for $800.  The phone was put on the auction block on May 27th at 11:59 AM PDT and was quickly bought at 3:20 PM for the $800 "Buy it Now" price.

    The iPhone is expected to ship mid to late June, but the seller promises that there is "No waiting, this phone is ready to be shipped!!!!!!!"

    While we had expected iPhones to show up on eBay, we didn't think the selling price was going to be so low.  After all, the retail price of the 8 GB iPhone will be $599 while the 4 GB model (the one sold in the auction) is $499.  We thought Apple fans would easily pay at least double the price to get one of the first phones.

    While the auction looks suspicious, the seller appears to be legit and has an 11 feedback rating on eBay.  He did not specify where or how he obtained the phone.  You can view the completed auction here.

    Update June 1, 11:21 am EST: We were notified that eBay has pulled the the auction.