T-Mobile launches Windows Mobile 6 phone

  • New York (NY) - T-Mobile has launched its latest phone, the "Wing".  Sporting a design similar to the Sidekick, the Wing is reportedly the first smartphone in the US to use Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

    Windows Mobile 6, which was announced earlier this year, adds additional mobile web features, including native support for Microsoft Exchange Server.  It also updates the full slate of mobile Office applications and integrates the recently renamed Live Messenger, as well as full HTML Internet browsing.

    It also packs in the standard Qwerty smartphone features - a sliding keyboard, built-in WiFi, a two megapixel camera, and a microSD slot.  It also has support for T-Mobile's 3G EDGE network.

    Compared to the most recent Sidekick phone, the Sidekick 3, the Wing is a completely different animal.  The Sidekick 3, for example, uses miniSD and its camera has a 2.0 MP resolution.  Also, it uses its own proprietary operating system.  The Wing's more closely related predecessor is the MDA, which uses Windows Mobile 5, but has less advanced hardware.

    The Wing is available today at price of $300 with service agreement.

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