OQO receives FCC approval for WWAN card

  • Chicago (IL) – OQO is ready to jump on the wireless broadband train. The company today received approval for a WWAN card that is expected to be available as an option for the model 02 ultra mobile PC (UMPC) soon.

    OQO beat its key rival Flipstart to market by more than two years, but it’s Flipstart that can claim to have had the more complete offering earlier: Wireless broadband is a feature that comes with every Flipstart PC - officially launched just last week - standard. However, the FCC today approved a WWAN module for the OQO model 02, indicating that the stylish compact PC will be available with wireless broadband within a few weeks.


    Model 02 devices ordered with WWAN will come with a retractable, 110 mm (4.33”) long whip antenna. Neither specifications nor pricing have been made available so far. However, the WWAN chosen by OQO looks a whole lot like Novatel Wireless’ EV-DO Expedite EV620 PCI Express mini card, which leads us to believe that OQO will offer WWAN subscription services either from Verizon Wireless or Sprint.
    Assuming that the model 02 competes with the Flipstart PC, OQO has quite some wiggle room from a pricing perspective. The entry level 02 has specs that are very comparable to the $2000 Flipstart PC, but is priced at only $1500. Even with a $300 premium for the WWAN option, the 02 could look almost like a bargain in this very specific product segment.