Philips introduces AAA battery-powered cell phone

  • Orlando (FL) - Philips and Energizer this week unveiled a new cell phone with a built-in alkaline battery compartment for users to use when the Lithium-ion battery runs out of power.

    Like all cell phones, the Xenium NRG's main power source is a specifically molded Lithium-ion battery.  However, when that runs out of juice, the phone will then tap into the power of the AAA battery.  When the phone is plugged in to recharge the Li-ion battery, it will also recharge the AAA battery.

    According to Philips and Energizer, the single alkaline battery can offer up to three additional hours of talking.

    Energizer also makes a variety of cell phone attachments that fit most handsets, allowing users to use AA batteries for back-up power.