Canon introduces 10 fps EOS-1D Mark III camera

Posted by Humphrey Cheung

Culver City (CA) - Several camera makers are announcing new cameras in advance of next month's PMA convention and Canon is no exception. The company introduced the EOS-1D Mark III, which shoots 10.1-megapixel pictures at up to 10 frames per second. But the camera isn't just about bigger and faster because it also has "Live View" which allows you to preview shots, just like a point and shoot camera.


The Mark III is the successor in the EOS-1D line which has been used by professionals like wedding photographers and sports shooters. Those guys should like the Mark III's 100 to 6400 ISO shooting which allows for no-flash photography in dark places. You also shouldn't miss a shot because the camera will buffer up to 110 JPEGs or 30 RAW pictures.

Like Canon's Rebel XTi that was released last year, the Mark III will have an integrated cleaning system that will vibrate dust off the CMOS sensor. A tiny curtain inside the camera will shake for 3.5 seconds when the camera is turned on or off. The shaking can be stopped by pressing the shutter.

Unlike point and shoot cameras, SLRs have generally forced you to look through the viewfinder to take a shot, but Canon is changing that with its Live View mode. The Mark III will display the preview on a 3.0-inch LCD screen and users can magnify the view 5 or 10 times. The view can also be previewed live from another computer through a USB 2.0 cable.


Canon has redone the guts of the camera, giving it a new CMOS sensor that has a 1.3 magnification factor, meaning that a 55mm lens will actually give around 71mm worth of view. Two DIGIC III processors work in parallel to give better color conversion and speed up writing to cards. Canon claims the new processors will do analog to digital conversion at 14 bits per channel which gives 16384 gradients instead of 4096.

The Mark III also has a new lithium-ion battery that is 8 ounces lighter than the Nickel-Metal Hydride battery of previous models. The LC-E4 battery also has more power and can shoot up to 2200 shots. It can also display charge levels in 1% increments.

One extra feature fixes a problem Canon cameras have had for quite a while. Previous models would stop writing to the memory card if the card slot cover was popped open. The Mark III will sound an alarm if the cover is opened and any picture writing will continue. The camera shuts down when the writing is finished.

Canon promises that the EOS-1D Mark III will be available in the spring for a price that is comparable to the Mark II's price when it was first introduced. Canon fans better save up their pennies because this should put the camera in the $4000-$5000 range.