Samsung unveils iPhone competitor

  • Seoul (South Korea) - Making its debut in the midst of a legal battle for Apple over its much anticipated iPhone, Samsung today unveiled the F700, a new handset with a feature set designed to rival Apple's upcoming entrant.

    The new Samsung device comes with a 5 megapixel camera, almost unheard of for a cell phone, and more powerful than the iPhone's 2 megapixel offering.  Like the iPhone, the F700 also has a full touch-screen interface.  There is also a sliding Qwerty keyboard built into the Samsung phone.

    The F700 comes will come with a handful of pre-installed software as well, including a full HTML browser and VibeTonz technology, which reportedly helps make the touch screen feel more like a traditional button-mapped interface and uses the phone's vibration feature to provide feedback on mobile applications.

    The F700 will make its official debut at a global 3GSM conference next week in Barcelona, Spain.