Samsung intros Z5 MP3 players

  • Samsung hopes to challenge Apple's MP3 player dominance with the new YP-Z5 line of players. The flash players come in 1 to 4 GB capacities and seem to be squarely aimed at Apple's Ipod Nano players. The Z5 players are slightly larger than the Nano, sporting a larger 1.8" display and promise to have a longer battery life.

    Samsung touts several features that may entice buyers away from Apple. The first is a 35-hour playback time, which is nearly double that of the Ipod Nano. The Z5 has a slightly larger 1.8" screen versus the Nano's 1.5" screen, both units can display JPEG. Music lovers may also appreciate the Z5's support for MP3, WMA and WMA-DRM10 formats.

    The Samsung YP-Z5 players will come in 1, 2 and 4 GB versions. They can be ordered from several online retailers, including Best Buy, but the players won't officially be available for another week. The 1 GB model will retail for around $150 while the 4 GB version will sell for $250