Apple files US trademark for 'Mobile Me'

Posted by From the Web

Cupertino (CA) - Apparently those fruitful searches of the USPTO database by the Apple enthusiast publications have inspired the mainstream press: Reuters is reporting this morning that it has discovered Apple filed to register "Mobile Me" with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and that the registration was made official just last 5 January.

Though Reuters is speculating that the move may be related to the establishment of an iPod-based phone service, a check of the USPTO database this morning reveals that Apple intends to reserve the trademark to apply to a very broad range of services and functionality, including e-mail, antivirus and security utilities, search engines, and even help from live operators. While it's conceivable that such services could be deployed through a wireless iPod communications service, the trademark filing clearly specified that these services could be deployed over most any known form of digital communications networks, including Internet, corporate intranets, satellite, and cellular.

A few months ago, AppleInsider discovered Apple had trademarked the word "Vingle" to apply to a device that was clearly stated to be a wireless portable communications system, as well as services that apply to that system. The "Mobile Me" filing is different in that it does not specify a communications device, or "point of access," but rather the services that could be provided over such a device, and the system for doing so.