Does a Chromebook replace a laptop?

Posted by Emory Kale
You betcha! Here's 7 reasons why you should take the leap of faith and own one of these suckers, too.
1. They don't cost as much as a laptop and do about 90% of the job. Sure, you can't get put Microsoft Office on there or run iTunes but then again, you may want to reconsider why you feel that would be important.
The Chrome appverse (that's a real word) is pretty cool. Just go to the Chrome store and you browse the wonderland of apps which tend to be URLs but let's not quibble about the how and just enjoy the why.
2. They are extraordinarily light. Okay, they don't pack the punch of a laptop but they cost about a fifth of the cost, and you can almost treat them as disposable. Do I really have that much allegiance to my computers? Nope. I am a child of the mobile revolution. Every handset and every device should be replaced every 12 months.
3. The little suckers start up, shut down and sleep in a flash. Enough said.
4. Most Chromebooks use the same charger as your Android phone. Suck it, Apple! Chargers cost a lot of dough. Yes, they do when you think about it relative to the price of your device. In fact, everything should use the same charger, dammit.
5. They're cheaper than a tablet, too, and you can type on the damn things. Sure, they're not great multi-tasking or letting you excuse your ADD for being a knowledge worker, but dammit, you can type on a real keyboard, still the best finger to word interface ever invented.
However, in the next year, I don't expect that you will see the same arguments about processing power for Chromebooks. The recent Acer C720 has an Intel Celeron 2955U processor and 4 GB of RAM. Booyah!
6. Chromebooks could be ubiquitous in the enterprise because there's no Microsoft tax, both financial and technical, to connect them up to the corporate network. Most corporations can probably appify (that's a real word) their systems to reduce cost, increase security, and better help and manager their users. 
7. We all belong to Google. Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Android phones, etc. etc. Chromebooks seamlessly connect it all without you having to do anything other than sign in with your Google account of choice. I get on my phone, my Chromebook, or any other device with a Chrome browser and the experience is unchanged. I can leave an email undone on my phone, get to it on my Chromebook and even check it out on my MacBook later on without missing a beat. C'mon on! That's worth something.
I bought a Chromecast because at $35, $11 after my Netflix rebates, I couldn't go wrong. I've been buying them as gifts for friends and family ever since because, they make me look like a tech wunderkind. I mean, when people sit on the couch and throw their phone videos up on the television, the feeling is priceless.
I bought a Chromebook because, I got fed up of supporting my girlfriends Dell laptop and all she ever did was Gmail, web browsing, and Google Docs. And, I got to look like a superstar because, to my girlfriend the $270 Chromebook was a step up compared to her $750 Dell.
Suck it, geezers. Just like we don't need to drive gas guzzling cars anymore, we don't need to go into hock to get some work done on a laptop. 
Yeah, a PC is still pretty powerful yadda, yadda, yadda. So what?! You can always go for a Chromebook Pixel: