Windows Phone 7 update fixed

Posted by Mike Luttrell

Microsoft has re-released a software update for its Windows Phone 7 platform, after it had to yank it off line due to concerns it was breaking some devices.

The update, which is not huge and only addresses back-end issues, was originally posted last month. Everything seemed to go fine, except after the download was successful, many Samsung phone users noticed something was wrong.

For some, it was a glitchy screen or minor cosmetic effect while for others, the update didn't install correctly and made it impossible to turn the phone on.

Microsoft says in an official blog post that all these errors have been solved, and it is now safe to download the update. For those who manages to successfully download the update last month, there is no need to update this latest patch.

The company apologized for anyone who was affected by the glitch. Even though it was not a humongous blunder, everything that goes wrong with Windows Phone 7 is bound to be highlighted thanks to the fact that it's trying to compete with behemoths like Android and the iPhone. Any mistake it makes will make it that much more difficult to get consumers on board.

The first real big update is slated for Windows Phone 7 later this month, making it possible for users to copy and paste text, as well as increasing processor performance.