Microsoft pulls buggy Windows Phone 7 update

Posted by Mark Raby

Microsoft has taken down an update for all Samsung phones running Windows Phone 7. The update was supposed to improve performance and add new functionality, but instead it caused the phones to become glitchy and in some cases, unusable.

This is certainly a big punch in the gut to Microsoft, which has been trying to force its way through the mobile marketplace - currently owned by Android and iOS - without much luck. With a huge issue like this, it's not doing itself any favors.

For its part, Microsoft has at least acknowledged the problem.

"We have identified a technical issue with the Windows Phone update process that impacts a small number of phones. In response to this emerging issue, we have temporarily taken down the latest software update for Samsung phones in order to correct the issue and as soon as possible will redistribute the update," said Microsoft in a statement.

The update was supposed to make the phones run faster and pave the way for future, major upgrades. However, it did not do much to change the actual look and feel of the phone software.

It was not an over-the-air update; users had to specifically connect their device to a computer via USB and request the upgrade there. It affected all Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices.