Google's 'Nexus' phones poised for update

Posted by Mike Luttrell

While Google's Nexus One showed miserable sales numbers, customers who bought one are actually pretty lucky since it seems to be a priority for Google to update. That will continue to be true as all Nexus users will soon get Android 2.3, AKA Gingerbread.

Google began rolling out Gingerbread to a select number of Nexus One users back in December, but that ended up only being a specific, targeted update and not applicable to the Nexus One community at large.

It's unclear what other phones will be getting Gingerbread. On the top of the list must be Motorola's Droid, which remains the top-selling Android phone, as well as all of the 4G Android phones which are supposed to be the cream of the crop in the industry right now.

Don't start getting too complacent yet, though. Google has already officially announced Android 2.4, code-named Ice Cream.

These most recent upgrades appear to have minor changes and nothing that really changes the Android ecosystem. The last major update was Android 2.2, which allowed users to see Flash content on the Web as well as to use their Android phone as a virtual, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

There is no timeline yet for upgrades for any other Android phone.