Google shows off Motorola tablet prototype

Posted by Mike Luttrell

When it comes to Android, Motorola has become the king. Its family of Droid phones has come to define Google's mobile operating system. So when Motorola begins working on an Android tablet, it's a big deal.

That must be what Google chief Android engineer was thinking when he showed off a demo of a Motorola iPad killer prototype.

Andy Rubin demonstrated the product at a mobile conference, showcasing what would be possible when the next version of Android is released. The prototype was running Honeycomb, the cutesy name for Android 2.3, which Google has said will be the tablet-ready version of its OS.

Apparently Google and Motorola are working close together on this project, as it could be the best shot either has at taking a bite away from the iPad's dominating market share.

A couple unique features about this device are that it doesn't have any physical buttons, only "virtual" softkeys, like the original Droid. It also has a dual-core Nvidia 3D processor. That's right - 3D.

Don't expect it to be on the shelves of Best Buy tomorrow, though. Rubin noted this potentially game-changing piece of tech "isn't due out for a while."

So by the time it is released, the iPad will have been able to pick up even more momentum. But of course, Motorola isn't the only one looking to prevent that from happening. Next year should bring a whole lot of changes to this emerging market.

Either way, in one gadget we get to say the words "Android," "tablet," and "3D." This is gonna make a splash.