Apple launches "Hall of Fame" to showcase best apps

  • If you think wading through 300,000 apps is a cumbersome process - and let's face it, who doesn't think that? - then Apple finally has a solution to your problem of not knowing what the best apps are. The App Store now has more than 300,000 apps available. That's about three times the number of downloadable programs on the Android Market. Apple has gone through that massive list and chosen the 50 best, running the gamut from games to note-taking apps.

    The list includes many of the same apps that were inducted into the unofficial App Hall of Fame that a handful of mobile game publications put together last month.

    Among the apps that are part of Apple's Hall of Fame are:

    Angry Birds
    Chaos Rings
    Cut the Rope
    Dark Nebula - Episode Two
    Espgaluda II
    Plants vs Zombies
    CNN Mobile
    Epicurious Recipes
    Explore 9/11

    The vast majority of games in the list are premium apps, ranging from 99 cents to over $10. Other apps include a wide selection of free offerings.

    Apple will assumedly be updating the Hall of Fame, so we'll get to see which ones stand the test of time. And while it does help narrow down the crowded App Store, we do hope that the new list doesn't discourage developers looking to break into the market.