Samsung very on board for Windows Phone 7

Posted by Mike Luttrell

Samsung has officially announced its plans to support Microsoft's new mobile operating system, calling Windows Phone 7's upcoming launch a "significant milestone" in its own mobile history.

The two companies of course have a decades-long history of working with each other. Windows Mobile used to power a lot of Samsung devices and even though Samsung's preferred OS these days is Android, it won't forget its storied Microsoft partnership.

"Samsung's new Windows Phone 7-based smartphones will play a key role in reinforcing Samsung's leadership in the smartphone market and commitment to providing a range of devices across a variety of platforms," said Samsung UK and Irelance president Simon Stranford in a statement.

For Samsung, it's just about tossing out some resources to support a new platform. For Microsoft, though, this is it. Windows Phone 7 is an all-or-nothing bid for Microsoft to gain relevance back in the mobile market.

The company's previous Windows Mobile platform did okay, but just like everyone else, sales of the operating system fell off a cliff after the iPhone and Android reached a fever pitch over the entire industry.

Microsoft tried to dole out a quick fix to keep its name relevant when it launched the Kin phones. They were pulled after just a few weeks due to extremely low sales despite a very large marketing budget. The software giant is trying to pull all the stops for Windows Phone 7, promising it'll be a connecting device to every single one of consumers' Microsoft devices like the Xbox, PCs, and Zune.

Rumors currently set the launch of Windows Phone 7 at early to mid October.