Windows Phone 7 to move toward enterprise customers

Posted by Mike Luttrell

Regardless of whether or not Windows Phone 7 becomes a success among regular consumers, Microsoft has already written the next step in its playbook: trying to woo the nearly impenetrable enterprise market.

At a recent press event, Microsoft developer evangelist Paul Foster called the current Phone 7 platform "Version 1" and said any phone running WP7 when it launches next month will be "clearly a consumer device."

With its social media integration and the ability to connect to Xbox Live, it is being geared toward everyday consumers more than any Microsoft mobile platform before it.

However, Microsoft has its eye on the business crowd as well. It wants to tackle the veritable millions of customers that are tied to large corporations and hand out hundreds or thousands of phones to employees in one fell swoop. quoted Foster as saying an approach to enterprise is "top on our list but at this moment in time we don't support it for V1."

The enterprise phone market has largely been dominated by Blackberry. It was