Coming soon: full Google Docs editing on Android, iPhone

Posted by Mark Raby

You will soon be able to have complete access over Google Docs on your iPhone and Android devices, in a move that makes both platforms more attractive to business customers.

While Microsoft Office remains the exhaustively dominant player in the office software market, Google Docs has managed to actually make inroads thanks to its intuitive online infrastructure that makes collaboration among multiple users much easier.

Google Apps, which includes the Google version of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, has more than three million business customers according to the online giant. So bringing full access to those programs from a mobile platform will certainly be attractive to a lot of people.

The notably absent mobile platform from this announcement - Blackberry. Both Android and the iPhone have managed to do what most would have deemed impossible just a few years ago. They've taken away business and enterprise customers from Blackberry, which had a veritable stranglehold on that market for nearly 20 years.

Allowing users to edit and collaborate with Google Docs on-the-go is hardly going to be a death sentence to Blackberry, but it does simply add to the list of things where Android/iPhone is improving the feature set for enterprise customers while Blackberry is simply staying at the same level.