One-fourth of iPhone 4 owners upset with antenna issues

  • Even though Apple would argue that only a handful of people ever experienced any problems with the iPhone 4's faulty antenna design, nearly 25% of all iPhone 4 owners are upset. Changewave Research just released a new report that the biggest gripe that 24% of users had with the device is its antenna issues, the same amount as were dissatisfied with the 3G network service. 27%, though, were most frustrated by the fact that they have to use AT&T if they want an iPhone.

    Overall, 72% said they were "very satisfied" with their iPhone 4, which is a strong number, but not nearly as impressive as a similar study from the research firm last year that showed 82% of iPhone 3GS owners were very satisfied.

    Still, only around 7% said they were not satisfied overall with their iPhone 4 (compared to 1% with the 3GS).

    Interestingly, though, even though Apple conceded that more calls were officially being droppd on the iPhone 4 than the iPhone 3GS, the survey found more people reporting dropped calls on the latter device.

    Of all the features on the phone, more than 95% of iPhone 4 owners said something other than mobile phone service was what they liked most about the device. Around 50% said the screen's resolution was the nicest feature.

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