Nexus One is $120 more expensive at retail store

Posted by Mike Luttrell

Google has landed its first retail deal in the US to sell its Nexus One phone, but there's a catch - the phone will cost $300 instead of the $180 that users were charged at Google's online store.

Midwestern mobile retail chain I Wireless is the first to announce that it will stock the Nexus One, reports PC Magazine. It will be the first time that an authorized T-Mobile dealer will sell the device. Google had previously relied only on its own online store, a decision that led to very slow sales of the phone.
Of course, that means new costs to Google in terms of distribution and retail contracts. As a result, the Nexus One will sell for $300, after rebates and subsidies, at I Wireless. That's a staggering jump over the $180 that Google charged on its online store.

Google announced that it was going to shut down the online shop after the phone went out to retail locations, but as of today it remains active, where the Nexus One is still, in fact, $180.

However, users who purchase the phone in the physical store will be able to choose from any of T-Mobile's plan. Google forces customers to lock into an $80/month plan on the online store.

I Wireless has stores in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. Distribution of the phone should spread out to other parts of the country rapidly, but if these new retailers charge $300 too, don't expect the phone's low sales problem to be alleviated.