Ignore No More app sure to enrage kids

Texas mother Sharon Standifird was tired of her children not responding to her calls so she created a new app that kids are sure to hate.

If you’ve got kids with phones then you know the drill. You call them to find out where they are or what they are doing or to remind them that supper is at 7:00pm sharp and your call goes straight to voice mail. An hour later and you still haven’t heard back from your wandering teen so you call again. Back to voice mail again. Then somewhere around 8:15 your petulant teen wanders into the house, texting as they walk past the dining room and head for their room. When you ask them if they got your calls they get angry and act as if you were ruining their lives.

So Texas mother Sharon Standifird decided to do something and created the ‘Ignore No More’ app. Ignore No More is simplicity itself. Basically if you call your child’s phone and they don’t answer or return your call right away, you can send a signal that will lock down their phone and only gives them two options; call 911 if they are in real trouble or call mom to get their phone unlocked.

No texting, no games, no chat, no calls to other friends. Call home or call the cops. That’s it.

Kids are going to go ballistic over this one. It will like totally destroy their lives! They will be embarrassed beyond words! They’ll lose all their friends! It will be a disaster of proportions far beyond epic! OMFG!

And then, hopefully, after a while they will call home (probably with a surly ‘what is it now?’) and you can politely remind them about dinner.

Kids will hate it. Parents will love it. And eventually the kids will learn that it’s easier to just call home than ignore mom and dad’s calls.

My wife thought this was a horrible idea. ‘You’re just fostering an atmosphere of mistrust,’ she said.

My response was, ‘Allowing your children to believe that it’s alright to ignore your calls is just as bad.’

Sure kids at that age are trying to establish their own lives and sense of independence. Their phones allow them to create their own networks of friends and activities and give them a sense of freedom. But if you’re footing the bill for their phone then you have the right not to be ignored.

If they protest too much you can always offer the alternative – they can pay for their own service.

Guy Wright

Guy Wright has been covering the technology space since the days when computers had cranks and networks were steam powered. He has been a writer and editor for more years then he cares to admit.


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