Mobile app of the day: Lenshare

Okay, here's the thing. Big name services you might use to share photos and other information, and network with your social buddies, can use your photos in their own ways, including to make money. You might not read the small print when you sign up, but you may well have agreed to this. If you don't like that idea, or indeed, if you want to share info about events with some people but not with all your 300 friends on your favourite social media site, then take a look at Lenshare.

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With Lenshare you can make a "phideo", a mix of pictures, sounds and story which are pulled together into a hybrid that you can then share with selected individuals only. The idea is that you augment a photo with some sort of recording – perhaps of ambient noise or your own spoken voiceover, for example. Then you share. There's a chat feature so those you have shared with can comment and you all have an opportunity for witty banter.

It's a neat idea, and the developers say an Android app is set to follow on from the currently available iPhone version.

Click here to download Lenshare for iOS.

Product: Lenshare

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Price: Free


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