Lenovo teams with Hightail to offer cloud services

Lenovo and Hightail are teaming up to offer a suite a cloud storage and file sharing services free of charge to owners of the former’s PCs and tablets.

The collaboration makes use of Hightail’s cloud collaboration services with a Hightail for Lenovo app that allows users to securely send files, share folders, sign documents and store files in the cloud so they can be easily accessed across devices.

"Everyone needs to access and control their files across their preferred platforms and devices. Integrating with Lenovo means a unified management experience so users don’t have to think about managing their files at all,” said Eric van Miltenburg, Hightail’s GM of Partnerships.

It’s planned that the service will be preloaded on a number of Lenovo PCs and Windows tablets, and consumers that sign up through Lenovo get instant access to 5GB of free Hightail storage.

“Providing secure and convenient access to online storage is a core element for Lenovo’s cloud strategy moving forward. Hightail has delivered on this promise of value by providing convenient and easy-to-use storage with enterprise level security,” said Mark Cohen, Distinguished Engineer and Vice President of Ecosystems and Monetisation.

Security-wise, anyone that downloads the suite can benefit from Hightail’s enterprise grade protection that includes data encryption, password protection, download tracking, identity verification, and file expiration dates. This ensures that files accessed on the cloud storage service are secured and easy to access on any Lenovo smart device.

Hightail’s offering will also be able to be accessed across Android and web platforms, as well as Windows, and means that end users can enjoy files on any number of different devices.


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