Mobile app of the day: Climendo

If you are planning a weekend away from home and want to know if you need to take shorts or an umbrella – or indeed both – then the chances are that you use a weather app. The trouble is, weather app forecasting can be a bit hit and miss. That's where Climendo comes in.

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Climendo compares forecasts from five sources and puts them side by side on your handset so you can see what each is suggesting will happen weather-wise. You can then either make your mind up on the basis of what you see, or use Climendo's own forecast which is produced taking all the others into account. Over time, Climendo will even suggest which of the other sources is the most accurate for your area.

Note well that iPhone owners get the benefit of the most up to date version of this app. The Android app link below is to the older version of Climendo which doesn't have all the whizz-bang features of the iPhone version – yet. Android fans keep your eye on the store as an update is on its way.

Click here to download Climendo for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Climendo

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OS: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99


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