Mobile app of the day: MiTime

According to the developer of this app the idea came for it as he rushed to catch a flight. He had set an early alarm, but bad traffic conditions meant he still felt under time pressure. He thought that if he'd known about the traffic he could have set an earlier alarm. Adding to the frustration was the knowledge that he had a satnav device with traffic alerts. And so, the concept for MiTime fell into place.

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MiTime is a very, very smart alarm clock. You tell it where you want to go, what time you need to arrive, how long you take to get ready before leaving to start travelling to your destination, and whether you will be driving or using public transport. It will then set an alarm that lets you know when you need to get ready if you are to make it to your destination on time.

The app monitors live traffic information to help work out its alarm time. For the UK its sources include monitoring for delays on roads, flights and all major forms of public transport, including tube, bus, rail and the DLR in London. MiTime uses information from a host of providers including TfL (Transport for London), The Highways Agency, Google, BAA (British Airports Authority) and National Rail.

Click here to download MiTime for iOS.

Product: MiTime

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