This is a simple way to create you own delivery app

Ever wanted to create your own delivery app for your business, but lack the coding skills? Well British technology company Preoday might have just the thing for you.

My Order App (iPhone / Android) gives takeaway owners the ability to create their own home delivery app for free, with no set-up, transaction or commission fees.

According to research, UK consumers spend £30bn on takeaways each year, and the number's growing rapidly – and mobile is forecast to become the most popular way to order by 2015.

Currently, though, most mobile orders are placed via third party apps and portals such as Just Eat, meaning restaurateurs have to be pay high commission fees that eat into their margins.

"Preoday's My Order App puts the restaurant back in control," claim its designers.

"A restaurant simply loads up their menu and artwork at the Preoday website to generate their own-brand mobile app, sets themselves up to receive payments and is ready to take orders within 30 minutes."

As an added bonus, restaurants and businesses signing up before the end of August will also benefit from free additional support from the Preoday marketing and tech team.

There are also a number of premium packages available that start from £20/month, allowing businesses to generate more income from customers with features such as 'Know Your Customer' or 'Independent Branding'.


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