Google Glass news: more memory and new features

Google Glass has been upgraded with more memory for better performance, and a couple of new features have been added as well.

The news will come as a pleasant surprise for those of you who have just ordered the device in the UK, where it first went on sale on Monday. If you ordered your specs then, you might be getting them today – and the new models come with 2GB of RAM, which is double what Glass previously had. That should make for a smoother experience all round.

Google has also added a viewfinder on the HUD to help frame the shot better when you're taking a photo, and two more Google Now cards (one to help you find where you parked your car, and the other to remind you when a package is due to arrive).

Google said in a statement: "The Explorer Program has been an exciting ride, and as a result of your feedback, we've picked up the pace on making more improvements. In the last year we've made over a dozen software and several hardware updates. For example, we've improved battery life by over 20 per cent, made voice search 10 per cent faster and brought you frames, shades and prescription support."

Those who already have Glass over in the US won't be offered a chance to upgrade their device, though. Google told Glass Almanac: "Given that we haven't done exchanges for previous hardware updates, we don't have plans to do that for this version, but again, most of the regular improvements to Glass will continue to be to software."

Google Glass is still in stock in the UK in every colour, so these puppies haven't sold out yet (the £1,000 asking price probably has a lot to do with that).


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