Mobile app of the day: Pinterest

For the uninitiated Pinterest is basically a giant online pinboard for images. You grab things that are of interest when you are browsing the web – or indeed when you are browsing through Pinterest, and 'pin' them to 'boards'. They become visual collections based around topics that are personal to you.

People use Pinterest to bring together information on all kinds of topics including general interests and hobbies, plans (such as for holidays), projects (such as home décor) and more. We provide you with the ability to pin directly from within articles here at ITProPortal – we're nice like that.

You can share boards with other people, identify friends whose pins are shared with you, and browse and search too, so you can use Pinterest as a search engine to discover more about specific topics. The Pinterest app has been around on Android and iPhone for a while, but it has just appeared in beta form on Windows Phone. Give it a go.

Click here to download Pinterest for Android, or here for iOS, or here for Windows Phone.

Product: Pinterest

OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Price: Free


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