iWatch, Apple's 2.5 inch wearable, is in mass production

Apple's iWatch does indeed exist, and it is due to start mass production next month, or that's the latest smartwatch rumour.

It's another piece of speculation on top of many, though, and comes from Reuters, whose source says that Quanta Computer will begin to churn out the device in July. Quanta already produces iPods and MacBooks for Apple.

And with mass production cranking up, as you'd expect the launch date isn't far off, and the source pegs it as October – a month which has been previously mentioned by the rumour mill.

A few details were spilled about the spec of the device, too, which will apparently be "slightly" rectangular (so we assume that means it isn't quite square), and the touchscreen display will be 2.5in in size – far bigger than the 1.63in screen seen on Samsung's Gear 2. That sounds like quite a chunky piece of wrist-wear on the face of it, and it'll be interesting to see what Apple has done to make the design appealing looking in that light.

We expect more from Apple than anyone else on the design front, although there are other smartwatches which look slick and are due to come out soon, most notably the Moto 360.

The source also said that the iWatch will boast wireless charging, which isn't surprising given that we've heard this before, and also this is rumoured to be coming to the new iPhone this year.

Quanta has Apple's smartwatch on trial production now, and Cupertino expects to ship 50 million units in the first year. We're still not convinced the smartwatch is quite ripe to take off fully in the mass market yet, but the arrival of Apple's effort and Android Wear devices like the Moto 360 could be the push the category needs to get properly off the ground.


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