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37 new partners have joined the Tizen Association to add considerable weight to the Tizen OS movement ahead of its next get-together in a few days time.

The Tizen Partner Program has now welcomed 88 partners since its launch in November 2013 and it’s hoped the new members will help to advance the operating system’s development by offering a higher level of expertise.

“The Tizen Association continues to attract interest and support from some of the most innovative players in the connected device ecosystem,” said Ryoichi Sugimura, a Tizen Association Board Member from NTT DOCOMO. “Especially on the app developer side, the enthusiasm we’re seeing from companies that want to help build and shape the Tizen OS and contribute to its success is extremely encouraging.”

New members of the Tizen Association, which includes Fleksy and Left Lane Network, will be demoing and participating at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco that takes place 2-4 June.

The conference itself takes the form of a five-track, 60-session event covering a variety of topics including Tizen for wearables, the Internet of Things, consumer electronics, automotive, and general app and platform development. A number will be led by Tizen Association partner companies to make sure the operating system’s development continues at a fast pace.

Tizen’s development is being driven by the fact that Samsung has decided to use it for all its wearables devices from here forwards and is ready to release a smartphone based on the OS at some point later this year. The reason for this move is to develop a user experience that is uniform across all its devices as well as to make a small step away from its reliance on Google’s Android OS 

The 37 new partners are Accedo Broadband AB, Ackua Engineering, Activ8 Consulting, Advanced Mobile Applications, Arcanys, Asgard Software, Augumenta, BD Multimedia Group, Claymx, Company100, De Peru, Dvimay Technologies Pvt Ltd, Environexu, Esprit, ETRI, Eurogiciel, Fleksy, Formative, GameSalad, Havok, HCL Technologies, Infraware Technology, Key Difference Media, Kitmaker, Left Lane Network, Logitech, Ludei, Marmalade, N-iX, NToklo, PlayCanvas, Playphone, Qisda, Sencha, TimeOut, Turbulenz, and Weever Apps.

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