Dropbox acquires Bubbli 360 photo app

Dropbox acquires Bubbli iOS photo app

Dropbox has grabbed another firm, with the cloud storage provider's latest acquisition being Bubbli, a startup which is responsible for a photo app.

The app, which is available on iOS, allows users to pan their device around and capture photos which it then uses to construct a "bubble", a spherical 360 degrees image which can be shared, and viewers can pan around (for extra immersion, audio is also captured so you can hear a bubble, as well as view it).

According to the email Bubbli has sent its users informing them of the deal, the acquisition won't change anything, at least for the time being, and the app will continue to be available and usable just as it has been.

TechCrunch, which spotted the email, said that the co-founders of Bubbli, Ben Newhouse and Terrence McArdle, stated: "We're thrilled to be joining Dropbox. Bubbli's goal has always been to capture experiences in a way that feels like you are not just viewing photos but reliving memories. By joining forces, we'll be able to continue to transform how you experience your memories on a much larger scale."

"The bubbles everyone has shared have blown us away. We're working on integrating bubbles into Dropbox and we'll keep you posted on our progress. Until then, you can continue capturing bubbles the same way you have in the past!"

Dropbox is certainly pushing forward on the photography front, as last month it launched the Carousel app, which backs up photos on your phone (we recently highlighted it as an app of the day, if you want to learn more).

In other Dropbox news this month, the service copped flak over shared links causing data spillages.

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