Samsung and Barnes & Noble team on new Nook

It’s not exactly clear who is driving this boat but Samsung and Barnes & Noble have teamed up on a new Nook reading device that’s more like a tablet.

Uber opens up API (mostly)

Rideshare company Uber has announced that they are opening their API to third-party developers…but not everything is open yet.

Mobile app of the day: TED

TED does not, in fact, refer to a teddy bear, rather it’s the name of a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas – by video. And you can access them with an app.

iPhone 6 looking more likely to ship with reversible Lightning-to-USB cable

An earlier rumour has been reinforced with a new video from prolific Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, which actually shows the cable in action.

iPhone and Android users' have a reduced app-etite

Deloitte has published a report that is highlighting a decline in consumers' mobile app downloads. The question is, will the enterprise pick up the slack?

Report shows an ‘outside-in’ approach to app development works best

A new report from Apigee shows that large companies are still struggling to successfully deploy apps that are on time, on budget or have the intended business impact.

Is the app frenzy really slowing down?

Recent reports from UK researchers suggest that we may be reaching the peak of the app download boom.

Downloads down: UK mobile users downloading fewer apps

Report indicates the average number of app downloads has fallen from 2.3 to 1.8 in the last 12 months and nearly a third of mobile uers don't download apps at all.

World's first bezel-less smartphone heads for US market

Sprint is expected to announce the bezel-free Aquos Crystal smartphone at a launch event scheduled for tomorrow.

Too many consumers leaving banking details on multiple mobile devices

A new report has found that consumers are laying out way too much personal information for hackers.

HP Stream could be a Chromebook killer

A new $200 laptop from HP was recently shown to Microsoft Partners in July and the specs are starting to emerge.

Ignore No More app sure to enrage kids

Tired of her children not responding to her calls a Texas mom has created a new app that kids are sure to hate.

Mobile app of the day: Lenshare

Want a photo sharing app which doesn’t require you to sign over ownership rights? Try Lenshare. It’s not just about photos, either, it’s more about “phideo”.

Samsung buys SmartThings home automation company

SmartThings has announced that the home automation company has been purchased by Samsung.