Skype on Fire - Amazon Fire that is

Microsoft’s Skype will be available on the new Amazon Fire phone when it ships later this month.

Apple’s iTime wearable device patent probably doesn’t mean much

Apple was just granted a patent for an ‘electronic wristband’ it called the iTime, but it probably doesn't mean much.

Forensic scientist drops bomb on Apple iOS security

Forensic scientist and author Jonathan Zdziarski has revealed backdoors, attack points and surveillance mechanisms built into iOS Devices.

Will Blackberry ever just give it up?

Blackberry is hoping to recapture its previous position as the must-have business smartphone with the launch of a Siri-like assistant for its new Passport smartphone.

Microsoft doesn't want to do Nokia Android smartphones

Redmond is ending Nokia’s Android experiment rather abruptly, just shortly after the launch of the Nokia X2 handset.

Apple dragging feet on in-app purchases by kids

The CPC network and European Commission criticizes Apple for not doing enough to warn people about in-app purchases or guard against children making unauthorized purchases.

Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited

After a leak briefly surfaced earlier this week Amazon has officially launched Kindle Unlimited, a $9.99 per-month eBook subscription service.