Toho Plans a New Godzilla Movie

Japan's greatest monster will come back to his homeland

PlayStation Network Goes Down in Cyber Attack

Sony gets hit again

Who Believes George Lucas Hasn't Seen the Star Wars Trailer

Perhaps the only person on earth who hasn't?

The one security flaw we can’t fix – our own stupidity

There is one security flaw that we simply can’t fix and that is the fact that users are gullible, lazy and in many cases simply stupid.

Star Trek 3 Needs a Director

Could Edgar Wright take over?

Street Fighter V Coming Soon

Game trailer to be revealed this weekend

Batman Vs Superman Wraps Shooting

Will this be the big comic epic everyone's waiting for, or is it an accident waiting to happen?

George Lucas Comments on New Star Wars Trailer? Not So Fast...

Funny or Die gives us a fun take on Lucas and the new Star Wars trailer

Marvel Superhero News Roundup: Jessica Jones, Deadpool, The Black Panther

There's more to heroes than The Avengers and Batman

Bond #24 is Officially Titled Spectre

Next Bond movie coming October 6, 2015

Star Wars is Blowin' Up YouTube and Facebook

And Jurassic World is gaining big numbers too

North Korea denies hack attack on Sony

An unnamed North Korean diplomat told Voice of America that it didn’t have anything to do with the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Remake of The Crow Gets a New Director

Can the legendary goth superhero be resurrected?

PlayStation Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Two decades of gaming magic

Game Of Thrones Game Reviews Are In

Game has another game

The First Star Trek Pilot Was Shot Fifty Years Ago

Gene Roddenberry tried to get the show off the ground fifty years ago

Chicks Dig the Walking Dead

Zombies have come a long way

Cortana pulls 10 of 16 correct picks out of the ether

In a world of meaningless statistics and time-wasting endeavors football has to rank up there as one of the most over-analyzed sports around (at least in the U.S.)