Sony to enter streaming market with Playstation TV

Playstation TV will allow access to TV streaming services such as Netflix alongside Sony's back catalogue of video games via Remote Play.
Facebook ad measurement and insights

Facebook measuring conversions across all devices

The company has launched cross-device reporting so that advertisers can see how people are moving between devices, across apps and the web, and see where they convert.

NSA's MonsterMind: Is it too late to curb the NSA?

Edward Snowden has revealed the NSA was (and may still be) working on a project codenamed MonsterMind that could launch automated cyber-attacks against suspected enemies.

To be truly useful AIs need to learn who we are

AIs need to learn more about us and modify themselves to match our needs.

Streaming versus Broadcasting: Verizon makes it no contest

Verizon is planning to deliver pay TV services over its high speed 4G LTE mobile network. The line is disappearing between what is streaming and broadcasting.

Yo gets more wordy

Yo update includes new features which allows users to send links from their clipboard.

Siri’s younger sister – an AI for everyone

Three of the men behind Siri have announced a next-gen AI that will have "almost limitless capacities."

"Don't be sexist!" OnePlus competition invites guys to rate women's attractiveness, in exchange for free t-shirts

Mobile startup OnePlus has been causing quite a stir in tech circles over the past few months, but the company's latest activities are anything but positive.

Murderer asked Siri where to hide the body

Pedro Bravo killed his roommate, Chritian Aguilar, and then asked Siri "I need to hide my roommate."

Samsung's Galaxy Alpha unveiled

The Galaxy Alpha takes something of a step down in specs from the Galaxy S5, but comes with a metal frame and much improved build quality.

70 per cent of Apple is men says diversity report

Apple has promised to do more about diversity but if you dig deep into the company, it gets more manly.

Internet connected mannequins bring a whole new meaning to "window shopping"

High-tech mannequins are being installed on the British high street, meaning customers at House of Fraser and other retailers will be able to purchase products without setting foot in store.
Aloft Hotels to try robot butlers in their hotel in California

ALO the Botlr: a Robot Butler by Starwood Hotels

We don't know which is worse, robot overlords threatening our lives, or their cute robot/human hybrid names that undercut their threat to society.
Google Classroom LMS available now to Apps for Education users

Google Classroom: a free learning management system (LMS) available today

If you are an Apps for Education user, Google is giving a free version of its Classroom service now that it is out of limited preview.

MacBook Air vs. Surface and Siri vs. Cortana: Creating a New Reality

Like Republicans versus Democrats, people are coming down on different sides of the Microsoft versus Apple marketing battle.

Tech weirdness over the years (Part 1)

Some tech stuff just makes you want to scratch your head in puzzled wonder.

Dormant NASA space probe revived by crowdsourcing project

Crowdsourced project funds team of space enthusiasts in bringing an antique NASA probe back to life.

New iPad and iPad mini could be here in time for Christmas

Apple's suppliers have kicked off production of the new generation of iPads, according to reports.